Reely New 1

The Reely New 1 is the consequent further development of the Dune Fighter.


As far as impact protection is concerned, one can disagree.


All moving parts of an RC car can be changed or adjusted.


The electronic parts on the RC car are responsible for the fun of the sport. On RTR (ready to run) models such as the Dune Fighter, the motor, steering servo, controller and RC unit are already matched to each other. However, every RC tinkerer has his own preferences here.

Battery Lesson

The current technology is called lithium-polymer accumulator. As with most lithium-ion batteries, the negative electrode is graphite, the positive electrode is lithium metal oxide.

Suspension struts

In principle, suspension struts consist of 2 main components, the springs and dampers. Combining both elements results a system, which in physics is called spring-mass-damper-system and can be calculated with complicated differential equations.


This content is still under construction. We are always open to interesting comments on the subject.

Wheel carriers

Having a sturdy and solid vehicle that you can chase around regardless of losses is one of the priorities of any real RC owner. Regardless of whether you are driving on the race track or just bashing - a defective part ends the ride and must be replaced.

Suspension system

The inclined tinkerer can make many improvements to the chassis of an RC vehicle and implement ideas. Typical is the replacement of the chassis components with parts made of higher-quality materials such as the elastic plastic RPM or solid aluminium.

Reely Black Commando

The Black Commando is technically a symbiosis of Dune Fighter and Dune Fighter 3S.
All technical improvements of the Dune Fighter 3S can also be found in the Black Commando, but it is equipped with the proven 2S electronics.

Reely Dune Fighter

The Dune Fighter is the successor of the legendary Carbon Fighter.
It features some technical innovations such as a waterproof brushless drive, 4 LED lamps recessed in the body, longer transverse cores and thus an increased suspension travel, larger wheels and an additional spare wheel. The vehicle is perfect for off-road use, especially for RC beginners. The excellent price is the same, but still a fully-fledged and configurable RC vehicle is delivered.