Reely Black Commando

The Black Commando is technically a symbiosis of Dune Fighter and Dune Fighter 3S. All technical improvements of the Dune Fighter 3S can also be found in the Black Commando, but it is equipped with the proven 2S electronics. Not only is its appearance with the matt black painted body and the illuminated bumpers aggressive, but also its powerful waterproof brushless drive gives you goosebumps. Inside the vehicle high-quality materials ensure long racing fun, and so that the power also comes on the track, the Black Commando has all-wheel drive and high grip tires.


Aluminium chassis - Sealed gearbox with window - Slip clutch - Aluminium upper deck - Aluminium servo saver plate - Solid aluminium cardan shaft - Servo saver - Pivot ball suspension - Oil pressure shock absorber with spiral spring - Waterproof brushless motor - Waterproof brushless governor with T-slot system - High grip off-road tyres.

Technical Specifications

Length (depth): 490 mm
Height: 190 mm
Width: 290 mm
Brand: Reely
Categorie: RC model car
Type of electric motor: Brushless
Motor type: Electro
Model type: Truggy
Scale: 1:10
Ausführung: Black Commando
Fernsteueranlage: GT-2 Evo
Velocity (max.): 45 km/h
Powertrain: AWD
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Model design: RtR
Age class: from 14 years
Ground clearance: 40 mm
Wheelbase: 305 mm
Track gauge: 235 mm
Engine type: 3560 KV
Wheel-Ø: 105 mm
Tire width: 50 mm
Weight: 2020 g

Source: Conrad Electronic SE (

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