Mathe im Advent



Mathematics is one of the most important skills of students interested in technology. In the knowledge society - especially in the MINT field - mathematical skills play an essential role. We therefore consider support programs such as math in Advent to be particularly valuable.

For this reason RAGUA donates a main prize: the Reely Dune Fighter designed by RAGUA. This RC car was personally equipped by us with all the extras available at RAGUA. It is perfect for beginners to this great hobby because it is virtually indestructible thanks to our high-quality aluminium components. Furthermore, the Dune Fighter is damn fast and powerful, so it demands a lot from its owner. The movement of such a vehicle is also closely linked to spatial imagination, reaction speed and promotes technical interest in vehicle construction. Above all, chassis designs can be well understood by the vehicle.

The Math in Advent program is a great opportunity to teach children mathematical puzzles and tasks in a playful way. From the first to the 24th December a new challenge awaits the students every day, adorned with loving illustrations and, time and again, partly with a political reference to reality. Since 2008, this competition has delighted more than 100,000 students a year and since 2016 the programme has been officially supported by the DMV. For RAGUA all these are good reasons for our commitment.

We wish all participants every success and recommend participation for all others.

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